Don’t let your septic tank be a smelly surprise!

My husband and I own an older home in Orlando and one of the many joys of that property is the fact that our waste water doesn’t travel far! It goes right into the tank and drain field located behind our house. How lovely!? The positive side is that you don’t pay the utility company for waste water but other than that, I might be hard pressed to come up with other benefits. We have owned this home since 2011 and when we bought this wonderful foreclosure it came with no sellers disclosure.

We were budgeting for many things after our purchase and one of them was a new septic tank. We had a company that I have worked with for years come out and do a septic inspection. They pumped the tank, certified the condition of it and did a great job explaining and even showing us the different parts of our septic tank and location of our drain field. This inspection helped us understand the condition of the equipment that we had, the approximate age, size and to start fresh, in terms of what was in the tank. This is my kids playing in the drain field during the inspection.



I’m kidding, but I’m not kidding about the importance of having a septic tank inspected and certified prior to closing. Luckily, our inspection revealed that our tank was in good condition and everything was functioning as intended. Huge score, for me, more money for my bathroom renovation. Like all inspections, it’s helpful to have as much knowledge as you can as a buyer, in order to plan and budget accordingly. The cost for this inspection can range from $250-$500 depending on the company. The cost for a new tank and drain field can range anywhere from $5-10k depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  I would highly recommend anyone purchasing a home with a septic tank to have an inspection done prior to closing!

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