Home Staging

Staging your home for sale can mean vastly different things. Each home needs to be evaluated individually. Staging a home is simply trying to emphasize the best features of a home. It can include paint, landscape, rearranging of furniture, removing clutter, cleaning. Some realtors offer staging tips and advice as part of their services but in some cases it is necessary to bring in an outside company.

Every seller needs a non biased third party to walk their home with a fresh pair of eyes. The hardest part of this process is often the seller’s emotional attachment to their home. Remember when you are trying to sell your home for the highest possible price, you need to try your best to remove yourself and your preferences from the equation. I know, easier said than done. Try to walk through your home as a potential buyer. Pay special attention to dirty walls, windows, natural light, clutter, personal memorabilia, family pictures and oversized furniture pieces. Try to clean out closets and organize storage spaces. Remove anything that might distract a buyer from the highlights of your home. I know for myself, I will walk through a home after listing it with a seller and note what furniture should be added or removed from the home and if necessary draw a diagram of where furniture should be placed.

When you go to sell your home you may need to rent a storage unit or look into one of the storage POD rentals. My husband and I used a POD. This was great because with three young children it’s hard to move. We were able to take trips out to the driveway where our POD was sitting and load a few things at a time. The POD can then be taken to a storage facility until moving day.

Recent statistics gathered by Stagedhomes.com shows that homes staged by Staging Professionals stay on the market 83 percent less than a home that has not been staged.

Below, I have included some before and after photos of a vacant home in College Park that I recently staged. Staging vacant homes can help define spaces for the buyer. Anything to showcase your homes highlights. Ultimately you want to sell your home fast and for the highest possible price.

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